Презентация "Нового Журнала" в Израиле (видео) / New Review presentation in Israel (video):



В субботу 24 сентября 2016 в Национальном Союзе писателей США / National Writers Union прошла презентация новой книги Сергея Голлербаха From the Personal Point of View. Этот сборник эссе – размышления известного художника о судьбах искусства и мира в двадцать первом веке. Книга написана по-английски.

На презентации в NWUкнигу представили гл. редактор «Нового Журнала», редактор книги Марина Адамович и американский актер кино и театра Питер фон Берг.

Saturday, September 24, 2016 

National Writers Union

Serge HollerbachSerge Hollerbach presented his new book From the Personal Point of View, collection of essays on the theme of art, literature and society.

It is indeed very difficult to find reasons for optimism in the turbulent world of today, with many wars going on, genocides, corruption, population explosion and global warming. Yet… this optimism cannot be called naïve because it is existentially abstract and life enhancing. It is the glass that is always half full and never half empty,” ~ Serge Hollerbach, From the Personal Point of View

From the Personal Point of View is a collection of essays – paradoxical and contradictive answers of famous American artist on the main questions of contemporary art and society. All essays were illustrated by the author - his best reflections upon the City of Big Apple.

Among our special guests: Serge Hollerbach, an academician of the National Academy of Design, member of the NWU; Peter von Berg, actor, and Marina Adamovich, the editor-in-chief of the oldest Russian Émigré literary journal The New Review based in New York since 1942. 

About the author:

During World War II a Russian teenager was sent to a work camp in Nazi Germany. After the war he immigrated to the U.S. He went from being a worker at a tie-making factory to an academician of the National Academy of Design and a national award laureate. His stories portray a brilliant sense of style, with the subtle humor of a real New Yorker.

Peter Von Berg will read a short excerpt from Mr. Hollerbach's book. Peter Von Berg is an actor, known for The Americans, Person of Interest, Law & Order, Bad Company, Cast Away, The Purple Rose of Cairo, etc

Peter Von BergPeter Von Berg, film and theater actor. His film work includes appearances in Americans, Person of Interest, Law & Order, Bad Company, Cast Away, The Purple Rose of Cairo, The Funeral Party, etc.; theater credits include the title role in Chekhov’s and Shakespeare’s drama in American Globe Theater, at Stage at the Kennedy Center and Stratford (Ct), in Copenhagen (Denmark), etc., and his one-man show, Gogol’s Diary of a Madman which he translated, adapted and starred in. His work as a director includes Uncle Vanya with Michael Moriarty, Shakespeare Party for Bond St. Theater, and Yuppie Shakespeare.






Serge Hollerbach

Serge Hollerbach

Serge Hollerbach